Ann Arbor Municipal Center

Conservation Design Forum worked with Quinn Evans Architects and InSite Design Studio to provide integrated, ecologically-based landscape and rainwater systems design for a new Municipal Center in Ann Arbor. A green roof retrofitted to the promenade level of the building provides hydrologic benefits, such as reduced rainwater runoff volumes and rates, while mitigating the urban heat island effect and creating a wildlife habitat. Rainwater from the roofs cleans, filters and cools as it passes through the bioretention facilities then rests below surface in open-graded stone detention cells before discharging to the City sewer system. Porous unit pavers comprise most pedestrian and vehicular paving sites, allowing for rapid infiltration of rainwater, reducing runoff to the City sewer system. Stone that fills the crevices of the pavers cleans and filters rainwater as it infiltrates. Plant species native to the Ann Arbor region tolerate both wet and dry conditions and vegetate the facility.

location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
client: City of Ann Arbor, Michigan
completion: Ongoing
LEED: Gold, 2012

Green Features

Green Roofs
Native Landscape Systems
Rain Gardens
Water Collection + Reuse

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