VIDEO: Healing Roadways in the Great Lakes With Green Infrastructure

Plan for Ann Arbor Municipal Center


In cities around the Great Lakes, planners, designers, engineers and environmental scientists are working together to implement new strategies that effectively reduce the impact of stormwater runoff on the country's largest fresh water lakes.


The issue with stormwater runoff in the water cycle is that all the pollutants that accumulate on the ground and road surfaces are washed into our waterways when it rains. In most cases, stormwater is not filtered or treated along its journey from where it lands; picking up harmful sediments and pollutants as it flows into streams and rivers, and eventually empties into the Lakes.


Initiatives like the Greater Lakes Project study and advocate for green infrastructure practices as part of an integrated water management approach that brings together multiple municipalities, government agencies and the construction/engineering professions across the region and across the border to collaborate on water cycle improvements.


As part of their education outreach mission, the Greater Lakes Project has produced an informational video describing widespread problem of stormwater runoff and the innovative green infrastructure practices which can supplant conventional methods, while offering multiple aesthetic and environmental benefits.


The video features the recently renovated Ann Arbor Municipal Center in Michigan, a 2-acre civic plaza designed with a number of green practices and methodologies to optimize the site’s ecological performance and protect the nearby Huron River.



To learn more about the green infrastructure features at the municipal center designed by CDF, visit our website at: /Project?project_id=91


Tags: rain garden, green roof, permeable pavement, streetscape

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