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BMP (Best Management Practices) Strategies for Aesthetic Design and Public Acceptance | LINK

by Water Environmental Research Foundation (WERF) Webcast, November 2006.

James Patchett, along with several other national experts in BMP design and implementation, discuss stormwater management projects in their area and the factors that contributed to success. This seminar also highlights the results of a research study evaluating the social, aesthetic, and community factors that contribute to the success or failure of stormwater BMPs.

Designing Sustainable Systems | PDF

Sustainable Design as an economic and ecological imperative.

The Ecology and Culture of Water| PDF

by CDF Principals James Patchett & Gerould S. Wilhelm

The relationship of water to culture and its role in the environment.


Fuzzy Edges Between Green and Blue  | PDF

by Thomas Price, Andi Cooper and Matt Tucker. 2004

Presented at the 2004 ASLA Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.


The Importance of Ecological Restoration  | PDF

by CDF Principal Gerould S. Wilhelm


Integrating Native Landscape - What to Expect 

by CDF Team


Integrating Native Landscapes at the Queens Botanical Garden

by David Yocca, 2006


International Joint Commission Response | PDF

by James Patchett, CDF. March 2004


The Realities of CO2: Seeing Through the Smog of Rhetoric and Politics | PDF

by CDF Principal Gerould S. Wilhelm. December 2004

A draft essay on carbon cycling.


Sustainable Landscape Cost Comparison | PDF

by CDF Team, 1996

Cost analysis comparing landscape design, construction, and post planting management costs of natural and conventional landscapes for a 10 acre corporate site.


Timberhill Savanna Assessment of Landscape Management | PDF

by Gerould Wilhelm, April 2007


What is a Savanna? | PDF

by CDF Principal Gerould S. Wilhelm

Presented at the Society for Range Management 2000 Conference.




Chicago’s Urban Nature – A Guide to the City’s Architecture + Landscape

by Sally A. Kitt Chappell. The University of Chicago Press 2007.

Features Chicago City Hall Roof Garden on page 23, designed by Conservation Design Forum.


Developing Sustainable Planned Communities

Urban Land Institute. July 19, 2007. by Richard Franko, Jo Allen Gause, Jim Heid, Jr., Steven Kellenberg, Jeff Kingsbury, Edward T. McMahon, Judi G. Schweitzer, and Daniel K. Slone

Features Chicago City Hall.


Green Roofs in the Sustainable Landscape.

by Steven Cantor. WW Norton, Spring 2008.

A survey of green roof projects starting in Europe and continuing with detailed case studies of projects throughout North America, including the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, designed by Conservation Design Forum.


Guide to Planning in Ohio

by Kirby Date and Wendy Kellogg, Ph.D. Ohio Planning Conference, Published December 2007.

Resource for use in training lay planners and elected officials on planning and zoning issues. Blackberry Creek Templates featured in the “Sustainable Land Use Practices Chapter.”


In-Site/Out: A Guide to Context-Informed Sustainable Site Design

by Kristin Schwab and Claudia Dinep. Published by John Wiley & Sons 2008.

This book features 10 sustainable “green” projects throughout the United States, including The Kresge Foundation Headquarters, designed by Conservation Design Forum.


New Waterscapes: Planning, Building and Designing with Water

by Herbert Dreiseitl and Dieter Grau. Published by Birkhäuser Basel October 2005.

Features New York Queens Botanical Garden design by Conservation Design Forum in conjunction with Herbert Dreiseitl. Page 60.


Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls

by Nigel Dunnett and Noel Kingsbury. Timber Press 2004.

Features Chicago City Hall and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum green roofs, both designed by Conservation Design Forum.


Flora of the Chicago Region

by Gerould Wilhelm and Laura Rericha. Indiana Academy of Science. 2017.

Order your copy of Plants of the Chicago Region. 


The Integrative Design Guide to Green Building: Redefining the Practice of Sustainability
by Jon Boecker


Sustainable Landscape Construction: A Guide To Green Building Outdoors, 2nd Edition
by J. William Thompson and Kim Sorvig. Island Press. November 2007.

Features Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Green Roofs.


Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature

by Doug Farr with contributions by Conservation Design Forum’s James Patchett, David Yocca and Thomas Price. Published by John Wiley & Sons, October 2008.

This book provides clear direction for urban designers, urban planners, and architects to design cities and developments that are sustainable and reduce environmental harms. The text includes background on sustainability, standards for sustainable urbanism, and case studies of exemplars of sustainable urban design.


Waterscapes: Planning, Building and Designing with Water
by Herbert Dreiseitl, Dieter Grau and Karl H.C. Ludwig. April 2001.

Features Coffee Creek Center and Chicago City Hall Green Roof, both designed by Conservation Design Forum.







“Water is a resource, not a waste product.”

       Patchett and Wilhelm

       Ecology and Culture of Water




























































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