Chicago Botanic Garden

Evelyn P. Tyner Interpretive Center

Mequon Nature Preserve Interpretive Farm

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Queens Botanical Garden Administrative Building

Additional Projects

Ford Calumet Interpretive Center Design Competition

Queens Botanical Garden Master Plan

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

Cultural Institutions

"We strongly support the efforts of the Chicago Botanic Garden and CDF to restore the Great Basin shoreline. The project is clearly an outstanding civil engineering achievement. It is a good example of a stakeholder-driven, multi-objective project."

CDF works with botanic gardens, museums, historical sites and other cultural institutions. Though the subject matter can be diverse, there is one commonality: everyone wants to see the best possible example of their particular passion. We create such examples by understanding both the site and the subject, letting them work together in an ecologically sound, aesthetically pleasing, intellectually stimulating whole.

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