Queens Botanical Garden Administrative Building

The Administration Building functions as a strong urban edge that ties the street to the gardens, becoming a transitional zone between the built and garden environment. Its location allows easy access to the Main Street Entry Plaza and public transportation. The building employs numerous sustainable practices and will be a highly insulated envelope with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for walls, and spectrally-selective low-e glass. The building also includes cleansing biotopes for stormwater recycling, a constructed wetland for graywater cleansing and recirculation into the building for various reuse, and a green roof. All of this has been designed to be a component of the ecosystems-based Collection Policy of the Garden. At this time, the building and associated landscapes have met the Platinum Level criteria for LEED.

location: Flushing, New York
client: Queens Botanical Gardens
completion: 2008
LEED: Platinum, June 2008
award: Illinois ASLA Merit Award of Design, 2009; NY Green Building Design Award, 2004

Green Features

Native Landscape Systems
Natural Wastewater Treatment
Water Collection + Reuse

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