Iowa State University College of Design

Conservation Design Forum teamed with RDG Planning and Design to create a new Foundations Pavilion for the Iowa State College of Design that was both technologically innovative and cost efficient. Most of the paving that will be added to the site will be permeable. The open graded stone used for the paving's base will double as a detention area for rain water runoff. This strategy enables the new development to meet aggressive goals for storm water detention and treatment using very limited space. The extensive green roof that covers most of the roof's surface will retain up to 80% of the normal rain fall. The water that is shed is directed off the roof at its corners and down two decorative rain chains. A series of gravel infiltration trenches then conveys the rain water down a series of stepped walls.

location: Ames, Iowa
client: Iowa State University
completion: 2008
LEED: Platinum, 2010

Green Features

Green Roofs
Native Landscape Systems
Porous Pavements
Rain Gardens

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