Lohr-Textile Section of Michigan Greenway Trail Opens to Public

image of runners using new trail 

CDF’s Ann Arbor, Michigan office is pleased to announce the opening of the new Lohr-Textile Greenway Trail extension in Pittsfield Township, MI. Construction of the 2-mile trail extension provides cyclists, walkers, runners and other recreation enthusiasts with a vital link to Pittsfield Township Parks, Washtenaw County Parks, residential neighborhoods, office and shopping areas, as well as cultural landmarks.


The just-completed trail extension is part of a three-phase project to develop a non-motorized transportation network for community residents which is outlined in the Township’s and County’s master plans. The 10’-14’ wide path passes through wetland areas where boardwalks and observation decks are designed to accommodate cycle and foot traffic while preserving the natural flow of water, native ecology and distinctive rural character.


Conservation Design Forum’s Ann Arbor office worked with Stantec and Pittsfield Township on the final alignment and route, as well as the placement and design of the observation platforms. In particular locations, bioswales were created to slow and absorb rainwater runoff to a tributary of the Saline River.


Funding for the Lohr-Textile extension of the Greenway project came from multiple sources, including:

• $1,064,000 from a federal transportation alternative programs grant

• $299,000 from a Michigan Department of Transportation grant

• $250,000 from the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission

• $150,000 that is expected for sidewalks in front of the approved Independence Village development

• $365,000 from Pittsfield Township’s general fund


Around the same time the Lohr-Textile trail construction was completed, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) released the second phase of a new report, "Community and Economic Benefits of Bicycling in Michigan." The report, funded by federal and state planning and research funds, describes the economic benefits that bicycling events bring to the economy.


Biking in Michigan


Report Facts:

- Out-of-state participants in organized bicycling events in Michigan are responsible for $21.9 million in economic impact for the state.

- Self-supported long-distance touring bicyclists who travel to Michigan spend an average of $71 per day on their trip.

- An average bicycle tour trip length is six days.


To read the complete report about the economic benefits of cycling, visit the MDOT website at:,4616,7-151-9615_11223_64797_69435---,00.html


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